About Us

www.campaignforindia.com is not only the latest entrant in web-based journalism, but is a vibrant news website.  What is unique?  Many may ponder over this question.  But those, who have scrutinized the Home Page, are sure you find reasons to believe that it is different, innovative, colorful, easy-on-the-eye and easy to surf  than the others.  It is a colorful bouquet offering incisive news analysis of current affairs, in-depth study and overall coverage of the entertainment industry and no-holds-barred analysis of sports affairs.

It is the ‘theme’ and ‘objective’  that stands out from other websites.

The objective is to bring print, visual, broadcasting all on a single social media platform. It is a perfect package.  We, a battery of professional media practitioners, with reasonable exposure to various  facets of journalism, have joined hands in this effort.  Giving millions of online social media surfers  their choice ‘modem’ to digest the news as it unfolds anywhere in the world is our prime virtue.  Time to time improvements are added assets to the website.

The website is very unique and is not complete without activating our ‘in-house’ videos on news analysis and switching on our news bulletins through our Orange Radio.  We hope to complete the task as it involves huge investments and are looking for active partners.

The website is promoted by Campaign For India Media Network, an arm of Shriyans Meida.
You can reach us at info@campaignforindia.com