Compulsory military service for those seeking govt jobs, recommends Parliamentary Standing Committee


A Parliamentary panel has recommended five years of compulsory military service for those seeking a subsequent job with the government.

New Delhi: A Parliamentary Standing Committee has recommended five years of compulsory military service for anyone who wants a subsequent employment with the state or the central government.

According to reports, the parliamentary panel wants the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) – a wing of government that reports to the Prime Minister – to prepare a proposal in this regard and take this up to the Centre.

The panel believes that five years of compulsory military service for those seeking government job will also make up for the shortage of personnel in the armed forces.

The DopT is tasked with administering and making policy for all government servants.

The recommendations from the parliamentary panel to the Ministry of Defence (MoD) come at a time when the Indian Army alone is short of over 7,000 officers and over 20,000 men.

Likewise, the Indian Air Force has a shortage of nearly 150 officers and over 15,000 men and the Indian Navy faces a shortage of 150 officers and nearly 15,000 men.

The Central government alone has about 30 lakh employees with the Indian Railways, while the state governments employ about another two crore people.

The Parliament Standing Committee had made this recommendation with the understanding that the perennial and alarming situation of shortage of Officers and PBOR in Armed Forces would stand corrected.

This way, the Central and State Government Services will also get enriched by the disciplined officers/PBOR.

The committee is reportedly unhappy with the lukewarm response of the MoD to this important recommendation with the onus now being shifted to DoP&T.

The committee desires that issue of shortage of officers should be given priority as it is directly related to national security.

The Ministry of Defence should take up this matter at the higher levels in the Department of Personnel and Training and should try to convince them with their demand.

The panel desires that the Ministry of Defence should inform them about the outcome of such discussion.