Delhi air quality shows improvement, Met dept says it will be a foggy Thursday


Delhi’s Air Quality Index was at 348 on Thursday morning, which showed an improvement over Wednesday’s 24-hour average of 361.

Delhi had a good start on Thursday morning with the air quality levels showing signs of improvement.

The Air Quality Index (AQI) – a measure of the level of pollutants in the air – was recorded at 348 by Central Pollution Control Board at 9.15am. Though still in ‘very poor’ category, it was an improvement over Wednesday’s 24-hour average of 361. Particulate matter — PM2.5 and PM 10 — have also dropped indicating that the air quality could improve further.

The city witnessed shallow fog in the morning, which the Met department said could persist through the day. The visibility was less than 1000m at 8.30am at Palam airport which qualifies as fog.

The sky will, however, remain clear for the next three days. There is also no prediction of rain, Met officials said


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