Does Shahid Kapoor have only a cameo in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati?


Padmavati reportedly revolves primarily around Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh.

Shanatics (as Shahid Kapoor’s fans calls themselves) were super-excited to see their favourite actor romance Deepika Padukone for the first time on the big screen in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati. While Deepika will play the Rajput queen Rani Padmini, Shahid will play her husband. But if a report in is to be believed, Shahid just has a guest appearance in the film.
A source told the publication, “While Shahid is paired opposite Deepika, the story focuses on Allaudin Khilji (played by Ranveer Singh) and his obsession about the gorgeous Rani Padmini. They don’t have parts together, but the story is mostly about them.”
“Shahid is the hero of the film while Ranveer is the anti-hero. And the lengths of their parts totally depend on the story. Shahid has been on and off the sets. He started shooting last year end and is still shooting. So yes, he does have a substantial role. But yes, story wise, Padmavati is a Deepika Padukone-Ranveer Singh film all the way. That said, when it comes to a performer like Shahid Kapoor, it is never about quantity,” the insider added.
Apparently, Deepika is getting paid more than her male co-stars in Padmavati. While Ranveer and Shahid will reportedly earn Rs 10 crore from the period drama, Deepika will take home Rs 13 crore. Padmavati is slated to release on November 17, 2017.