How to Make Healthy Protein Bars at Home


There’s nothing quite as simple as picking up a protein bar after a heavy workout — they are an easy way to build muscle mass and repair damaged tissue, while bringing down fat. Quite understandably though, stewing over a hot stove, cooking up your daily protein requirements, may not appeal to someone who has just finished an exhausting workout. Other than convenience, store-bought protein bars offer an additional benefit, too. A lot of bars contain large amounts of soy or whey protein which help in building lean protein mass.

Not everyone needs protein bars. If you spend half an hour on the gym on a treadmill, you probably get enough protein from your meals. But if you are an athlete, or work out heavily, that’s when protein bars become essential. But don’t just buy any! There are a few things that you should look out for before buying one — some protein bars are so high in sugar that you’d probably end up gaining weight.