Jaya Bachchan proves a hypocrite for not condemning drug use in Bollywood: Krishna Saagar Rao


Hyderabad:  Telanganna State BJP Chief Spokesperson K Krishna Saagar Rao finds fault with MP Jaya Bachchan for exhibiting her irresponsibility as a parliamentarian. He said “She sounded like a full blown hypocrite today in Rajya Sabha”.

She hasn’t condemned the drug menace, why? he wondered.  He is is it not a fact that the drug menace, which is destroying the lives of young people across India, including young actors & actresses in her own film industry. She hasn’t condemned drug dependence, addiction and peddling by young Bollywood, Tollywood, Sandalwood actors, whose names were recently released by NCB and some are even arrested, is reprehensible.

He said, it’s shocking to see her giving notice in Rajya Sabha over a conspiracy to defame Bollywood. Her statement and posturing is quite shallow & shameful.

“I wish to ask MP Jaya Bachchan what & who is she trying to protect ? Is this what, the acclaimed memeber from the first family of Bollywood be doing ? Shouldn’t she be instead seeking central government support for completely demolishing the drug mafia in Bollywood?” he asked

MP Jaya Bachchan notice and statement in Rajya Sabha today, once again exposes the irresponsibility, prejudice and selfishness of even the senior block of bollywood actors, who otherwise act as gatekeepers of ethics, morals and values.